~ We are possibly expecting
TWO litters mid February consisting of all 4 colors ~

If your interested in being added to our waiting list please email authenticaussies@yahoo.com

Pearl's Puppies           Annabelle's Puppies

We are currently expecting a selection of Australian Shepherd puppies. We do not place puppies based on eye color. Puppies eyes are not open when they are born and when they do open at 2 weeks old their eyes are a very dark blue that changes as they grow. If a puppy has blue eyes at 4 weeks old does not mean their eyes will stay blue as they puppy ages. If you do not make your selection when it is your turn you will forfeit your place in line and be added to the end of the list. We simply cannot tie up entire litters of puppies waiting weeks for one person to make their selection based on eye color that may change anyway. Let us know if you want to be added to our waiting list.