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Authentic Australian Shepherds

Intelligent, sweet and bred for your family



To provide the most intelligent, gentle and sweet loving dog for you family.

We have been raising Aussies for 10 years and have carefully selected our line to provide the best puppies possible! You will quickly find out why Australian Shepherds are one of the TOP dog breeds for your family!


Ranch raised quality purebred Australian Shepherds.
Our dogs are raised to be companions or working dogs and the best family pet you will ever find. 
Our Aussies are Loving, athletic, and smart with great personalities.  An Aussie is the perfect pet!

WE SELL DIRECTLY TO THE PUBLIC - our puppy owners are invited to come visit our ranch to pick out their puppy in person. We welcome any visitors at anytime who want to come meet us and our Aussies :)


Some feel as though shipping is very unsafe but we are very familiar with shipping and feel as though they are very safe during the flight so we will ship anywhere in the US  :)

Our dogs are NOT kennel dogs - they are our family pets and loved - we have an Aussie for each member of our family and each dog & puppy gets all the individual attention they deserve.

We live on 5 acres in Illinois where our Aussie's get to run, play with kids, chase chickens, love on horses, swim in their puppy pool and enjoy life.

Our dogs are AKC and/or ASCA registered. We have chosen our dogs carefully from fully genetic health tested parentage. Our dogs are clear for good or fair OFA hip rated lines. We believe in regular health screening and professional vet care for our dogs. With your puppy you will receive a Contract, registration papers for either AKC and/or ASCA (if applies), current vaccinations, and vet certified health check. 

Raising our aussies is a family affair 
Natalie Howell & Family

 Red Bud, IL ( Authentic Aussies)

Check out below the colors &

structure of our dogs that our line produces!

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